About Friends of Maldives

In December 2003, Friends of Maldives (FOM) was established in the UK, focusing on bringing human rights abuse and poor governance in the Maldives to the attention of the international community. FOM also provided assistance to the pro-democracy movement and helped strengthen Maldives civil society and independent media.

Since the first free and fair presidential elections in the Maldives in October 2008, FOM has worked on Health Development, Education Development and Sports Development with the International Volunteer Programme (IVP), the Maldives Volunteer Corps (MVC) and the Maldives High Commission (London). Unfortunately, this activity has been jeopardised due to the violent removal of the democratically-elected Government on 7th February 2012 and the dispansion of the IVP and MVP by the president Waheed. Where volunteers have been able to stay, without danger to their safety, they have continued to work to benefit the Maldivian people. Regrettably, this situation has become increasingly fragile as Maldivian people have been beaten, hospitalized and imprisoned across the country and virtually all media is controlled by the State. FOM's focus has been forced to revert to protecting human rights and promoting social justice until safety and democracy is restored.

There are currently no employees.